Changes in 7.3.5

  • Fixed drag and drop
  • Added code signature for Mountain Lion

Changes in 7.3.4

  • Minor UI fixes

Changes in 7.3.3

  • Fixed seeding on PPC
  • Fixed crash when handling incorrect responses from HTTP trackers
  • Fixed crash on start on OSX 10.5.4 (Intel)
  • Fixed crash when changing proxy address
  • Fixed crash when processing autoadd directory

Changes in 7.3.2

  • Fixed opening magnet links on Leopard (broken in 7.3.1)

Changes in 7.3.1

  • Added option to ignore subdirectories in autoload folder
  • Added option to duplicate smart RSS feed
  • Added option to start BitTorrent automatically when Mac starts
  • Show number of completed torrents in dock icon
  • Fixed hang on exit
  • Fixed enabling/disabling DHT
  • Fixed file extension when changing download location
  • Fixed smart RSS feed to correctly display matched items
  • Added proxy support
  • Added traffic cap feature
  • Added Lion full screen mode
  • Various UI and bug fixes

Changes in 7.2.2

  • Various bug fixes

Changes in 7.2.1

  • Added utWEB support
  • Added RSS support
  • Added scheduler
  • Updated UI
  • Fixed support for secure trackers
  • Improved rate limiting

Changes in 7.2.0

  • Feature add torrent dialog with directory settings and file selection
  • Feature growl support
  • Feature dock icon badging
  • Feature to move torrent save location
  • Added privacy settings
  • Added advanced directory settings and rules
  • Improved UTP bandwidth support
  • Fixed seeding ratio limits
  • Fixed tracker messages when torrent is complete
  • Fixed setting auto add directory
  • Improved https support
  • Fixed having to hit return to register changes in the bandwidth preferences

Changes in 7.1.1

  • Fixed startup crash

Changes in 7.1.0 (22093)

  • Initial release