Changes in 7.4.3

  • Stability improvements
  • Security improvements on update mechanism

Changes in 7.4.2

  • Added "Add Free Account" menu option for customer reconciliation
  • Fix for display of long lists of rss & labels
  • Fix for resizable left panel
  • Added option to purchase the Ad-Free version of the BitTorrent client
  • Ad-Free activations automatically occur when client is reinstalled
  • Ad-Free licenses work for both ╬╝Torrent and BitTorrent clients
  • Fix for application crashes while seeding if window is not in-focus
  • Fix for BitTorrent client not starting without an internet connection
  • Stability improvements

Changes in 7.4.1

  • Fixed pairing with BitTorrent certified devices
  • Fixed inactive memory leaks
  • New app icons

Changes in 7.4.0

  • End of PowerPC support
  • Check for write permissions for download directory
  • Improved compatibility with UDP trackers
  • Improved UTP support
  • Implemented search in list of torrents and RSS
  • Added Mountain Lion notifications
  • Added prevent system from sleep option
  • Added option to report issues directly from client
  • Added support for BitTorrent certified devices
  • Added code signature for Mountain Lion
  • Added Spotlight search
  • Added append .btpart extension for incompleted downloads option
  • Added Finder icon with download progress for incompleted files
  • Added Quick Look of downloaded files
  • Added localization support
  • Added Autoshutdown feature
  • Added Queue up and down icons as customizable options
  • Added menu items for Start All / Stop All transfers
  • Added location history to Create Torrent dialog
  • Fixed Cyrillic symbols display in WebUI and uTorrent Remote
  • Fixed Advanced window issue in Add New Torrent dialog
  • Fixed bug with updating tracker after sleep mode
  • Fixed bug with displaying torrent details after resolving magnet link
  • Fixed bug with download speed dropping to zero
  • Fixed bug with setting download folder
  • Fixed crash on Leopard during application launching
  • Fixed crash when adding broken magnet link
  • Various UI and bug fixes

Changes in 7.2.2

  • Various bug fixes

Changes in 7.2.1

  • Added utWEB support
  • Added RSS support
  • Added scheduler
  • Updated UI
  • Fixed support for secure trackers
  • Improved rate limiting

Changes in 7.2.0

  • Feature add torrent dialog with directory settings and file selection
  • Feature growl support
  • Feature dock icon badging
  • Feature to move torrent save location
  • Added privacy settings
  • Added advanced directory settings and rules
  • Improved UTP bandwidth support
  • Fixed seeding ratio limits
  • Fixed tracker messages when torrent is complete
  • Fixed setting auto add directory
  • Improved https support
  • Fixed having to hit return to register changes in the bandwidth preferences

Changes in 7.1.1

  • Fixed startup crash

Changes in 7.1.0 (22093)

  • Initial release