Changes in

  • Fixed uTorrent not showing status in the torrent list
  • Fixed uTorrent crashing when adding a torrent with a label
  • Stability improvements

Changes in

  • Fixed context menu crash
  • Fix for the blank screen issue
  • Stability improvements

Changes in

  • Stability improvements

Changes in

  • Stability improvements

Changes in

  • Stability improvements

Changes in

  • Added "Add Free Account" menu option for customer reconciliation
  • Stability improvements

Changes in

  • Fix for display of long lists of rss & labels
  • Fix for resizable left panel
  • Stability improvements

Changes in

  • Stability improvements

Changes in

  • Stability improvements

Changes in

  • Improved memory usage of uTorrent client
  • Fixed uTorrent client crashing when OS X is Shut Down
  • Fixed uTorrent client crashing randomly on OS X Yosemite

Changes in

  • Fixed various crash issues

Changes in

  • Premium ad-free version of uTorrent client
    • Once a purchase is made, it will remain trough freash client installs
  • Fixed some issues related to graph drawing that sometimes could cause client crashes
  • Fixed localization issues
  • Added option to purchase the Ad-Free version of the uTorrent client
  • Ad-Free activations automatically occur when client is reinstalled
  • Ad-Free licenses work for both uTorrent and Bittorrent clients
  • Fix for application crashes while seeding if window is not in-focus
  • Fix for uTorrent client not starting without an internet connection
  • Fixed uTorrent client randomly crashing at startup
  • Fixed thread synchronization leading to crashes in some edge cases
  • Fixed memory allocation leading to crashes in some edge cases

Changes in 1.8.4

  • Fixed crash when adding signed torrent

Changes in 1.8.3

  • Fixed pairing with BitTorrent certified devices
  • Fixed inactive memory leaks
  • New app icons

Changes in 1.8.2

  • Fixed Advanced window issue in Add New Torrent dialog
  • Check for write permissions for download directory
  • Fixed bug with updating tracker after sleep mode
  • Stability improvements

Changes in 1.8.1

  • Fixed issue with setting upload limit
  • Fixed issue with resolving magnet links
  • Fixed issue with private trackers
  • Fixed issue with showing "Download more" button
  • Fixed UI hang on torrent recheck
  • Fixed hang on quiting
  • Stability improvements

Changes in 1.8.0

  • Fix: connection to private trackers
  • Fix: incorrect location of downloaded magnet torrents
  • Stability improvements

Changes in 1.7.13

  • Stable release
  • Improved compatibility with UDP trackers
  • Minor bugs fixed

Changes in 1.7.12

  • Fix: incorrect location of downloaded torrents
  • Fix: uTorrent sometimes opens two windows after clicking on the 'Show in Finder' icon
  • Stability improvements

Changes in 1.7.11

  • Improved UTP support

Changes in 1.7.10

  • Fixed bug with setting download folder
  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements

Changes in 1.7.9

  • Stability improvements

Changes in 1.7.8

  • Fixed code signature for Mountain Lion
  • Various bug fixes

Changes in 1.7.7

  • Added Mountain Lion notifications
  • Added prevent system from sleep option
  • Added option to report issues directly from client
  • Fixed Cyrillic symbols display in WebUI and uTorrent Remote
  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements

Changes in 1.7.6

  • Fixed 3D Globe toolbar button
  • Fixed crash in 3D Globe

Changes in 1.7.5

  • Added support for BitTorrent certified devices
  • Renamed extension for incomplete files into .utpart
  • Fixed bug with download speed dropping to zero
  • Added code signature for Mountain Lion
  • Improved 3D Globe graphics

Changes in 1.7.4

  • Added Spotlight search
  • Added 3D Globe feature
  • Added append !ut extension for incompleted downloads option
  • Added Finder icon with download progress for incompleted files
  • Extended Autoshutdown feature

Changes in 1.7.3

  • Added Quick Look of downloaded files
  • Implemented search in list of torrents and RSS
  • Fixed displaying speed limit in torrent menu
  • Various bug fixes

Changes in 1.7.2

  • Various UI and bug fixes
  • Stability improvements from the last version
  • Fixed bug with displaying torrent details after resolving magnet link
  • Fixed crash in Add Torrent dialog
  • Fixed memory leaks

Changes in 1.7.1

  • Added Russian localization
  • Added Autoshutdown feature
  • Added Queue up and down icons as customizable options
  • Added menu items for Start All / Stop All transfers
  • Added location history to Create Torrent dialog
  • Various UI and bug fixes
  • End of PowerPC support
  • Fixed crash on Leopard during application launching
  • Fixed crash when adding broken magnet link

Changes in 1.6.3

  • Fixed opening magnet links on Leopard (broken in 1.6.2)

Changes in 1.6.2

  • Various bug fixes

Changes in 1.6.1

  • Added option to ignore subdirectories in autoload folder
  • Added option to duplicate smart RSS feed
  • Added option to start ĀµTorrent automatically when Mac starts
  • Show number of completed torrents in dock icon
  • Fixed hang on exit
  • Fixed enabling/disabling DHT
  • Fixed file extension when changing download location
  • Fixed smart RSS feed to correctly display matched items

Changes in 1.6.0

  • Added proxy support
  • Added traffic cap feature
  • Added Lion full screen mode
  • Various UI and bug fixes

Changes in 1.5.12

  • Fixed high CPU usage on Lion
  • Fixed UI hang when adding multiple torrents
  • Fixed incorrect download path when adding magnet links
  • Fixed opening advanced preferences on international keyboards
  • Fixed "Start seeding" option when creating new torrent

Changes in 1.5.11

  • Various bug fixes

Changes in 1.5.10

  • Fixed dock icon speed indicator
  • Fixed various crash bugs

Changes in 1.5.9

  • Various bug fixes

Changes in 1.5.8

  • Fixed crash when adding new torrent

Changes in 1.5.7

  • Fixed RSS to correctly display non-unicode characters
  • Updated UI
  • Various bug fixes

Changes in 1.5.6

  • Updated UI
  • Various bug fixes

Changes in 1.5.5

  • Fixed ĀµTorrent remote
  • Fixed crash on Lion when changing download location
  • Fixed UI misrendering on Lion
  • Updated UI
  • Various bug fixes

Changes in 1.5.4

  • Fixed crash dumps for most crashes that exaust stack space
  • Change: to
  • Fix: Honor download limit more accurately
  • Fix: compose the name of a magnet link as utf-8
  • Fix: Don't crash when downloading a large torrent quickly with small piece size
  • Change: Deselect selected torrents when sidebar category changes to mimic the windows version
  • Fix: Memory leak

Changes in 1.5.3

  • Fixed file dialog in Leopard so the file extension is not lost when moving single file torrents.
  • Fixed downloading magnet links
  • Added support for http redirects to magnet links
  • Fixed "Data is invalid" issue when skipping files in multifile torrents
  • Fixed web remote issue that caused problems with logging in and out
  • Fixed web seed behavior on 302 redirect
  • Fixed a number of crashes and memory leaks
  • Fix double free that caused crash when sorting files list

Changes in 1.5.2

  • Fixed single file torrent move bug losing file extension
  • Added :COOKIE: support to RSS feeds
  • Fixed unicode bug with RSS items
  • Fixed the display of RSS published dates
  • Fixed various crash bugs
  • Improved startup times by loading resume file asynchronously

Changes in 1.5.1

  • Fixed utWEB download file support
  • Fixed issues in RSS UI
  • Fixed hang when adding slow RSS feeds
  • Fixed broken add torent dialog
  • Fixed various memory leaks
  • Various crash bug fixes

Changes in 1.5.0

  • Added utWEB support
  • Added RSS support
  • Added scheduler
  • Updated UI
  • Fixed support for secure trackers
  • Improved rate limiting

Changes in 1.1.0

  • Feature add torrent dialog with directory settings and file selection
  • Feature growl support
  • Feature dock icon badging
  • Feature to move torrent save location
  • Added privacy settings
  • Added advanced directory settings and rules
  • Improved UTP bandwidth support
  • Fixed seeding ratio limits
  • Fixed tracker messages when torrent is complete
  • Fixed setting auto add directory
  • Improved https support
  • Fixed having to hit return to register changes in the bandwidth preferences

Changes in 1.0.2

  • Fixed startup crash

Changes in 1.0.1 (22592)

  • Fix: Clicking on magnet link in the browser adds the torrent after launching uTorrent.
  • Fix: Deleting torrent data should only delete files and directories belonging to the torrent.
  • Fix: UserAgent now sent correctly in HTTPS requests.
  • Change: Dropped extra revision digit from version number.
  • Fix: Fixed logic for add torrent dialogs and added preferences to prefs panel to control it.
  • Fix: File sorting is now faster and works properly in the files pane.

Changes in (20277)

  • RSS feeds added.
  • Fix: Magnet links now work
  • Updated the start and stop icon in the toolbar
  • Fix: crash when the number of open file descriptors exceeded 500
  • Fix: rate limiting problem when using calc_overhead and switching between unlimited and rate limited upload or download
  • Fix: Compelete pending Disk operations before automatically shutting down
  • Fix: Don't exceed the upload limit with overhead when calc_overhead is on
  • Fix: disconnect issue with seeds
  • Fix: uTP over Teredo at high speeds, and MTU problems on some kinds of networks
  • Fix: random crash when drawing the piece graph

Changes in 0.9.3 (Build 17856)

  • fixed random crash during startup when dragging and dropping files on to the application

Changes in 0.9.3 (Build 17780)

  • changed the colors for the pieces bar
  • fixed bug in pieces bar that caused pieces to show up in the wrong colors
  • updated the gradient
  • modified progress bar to be drawn with an image instead of gradient
  • updated the highlight for each bar and added borders
  • modified progress bars to be drawn with images instead of gradient
  • updated webUI sessions to be compatible with SRP negotiation
  • always close filehandle in webui sessions
  • crash fix in webui sessions
  • removed the number of files from the main table and added the magnifying glass icon
  • changed sidebar numbering background/text color (no text gradient)
  • set main table Name column indentation to 0
  • changed sidebar numbering background/text color
  • removed file count, and added file path
  • removed number of files displaying and added the magnifying glass icon for completed torrents
  • main table indentation set to 0
  • Fix for download speed limit
  • Fix file handle leak with http client connections
  • fixed message loop crashes
  • increase max size of torrent files added via URL to 5 meg
  • turn release assert into a regular assert and deal with the corrupt hash-table to avoid breaking
  • Fixes for scrollbars
  • fix for highlight colors
  • fixed button sizes
  • updated button icons
  • updated statistics graph
  • fixed crash when receiving download piece after DownloadPiece is released
  • resolved race condition that caused periodic crash when starting up
  • updated TCP rate control
  • Fixed crash when cloning sockets due to pending events
  • conservative (Teredo-sized) MTU for UDP on IPv6 connections (including uTP) with update to overhead accounting.
  • speed tab elements repositioning
  • details show/hide button pushed state while details show/hide animation is running
  • table highlight colors
  • fixed some column alignments
  • details view resizer bar / behavior (collapse near the edge, drag area...)
  • fixed table highlights
  • details resizer fix
  • resized/moved UI items
  • adjusted colors for sidebug text
  • custom color for table text cells
  • track when details view resizes
  • resize, reposition, and modify resizing mask so that general panel anchors properly to the top
  • changed the general tab scroll view height to 449
  • changed the tcp_rate_control for download rates to be more conservative on how fast it makes changes.
  • fix calc_overhead.

Changes in 0.9.3 (Build 17496)

  • Change: Updated WebUI
  • Fix: Various crashes and memory leaks

Changes in 0.9.3 (build 17226)

  • Feature: Enabled nationalization support
  • Change: Download first/last piece is disabled on the mac by default to avoid some shutdown delay caused by close on sparse files
  • Fix: Crash when changing system time

Changes in 0.9.3 (build 16930)

  • Change: Completely revamped UI
  • Feature: Improved speed display
  • Feature: Display region flags

Changes in 0.9.2 (build 16917)

  • Fix: Broken build process generating bad builds

Changes in 0.9.2 (build 16801)

  • Fix: Really fix 100% CPU issue on 10.6

Changes in 0.9.2 (build 16542)

  • Feature: Support for PPC.
  • Feature: UDP tracker support
  • Feature: uTP supports window sizes smaller than the packet size
  • Change: Added upnp host cache to speed up upnp nat resolution on certain routers
  • Change: Reduced uTP overhead slightly by ramping up packet sizes at lower rates
  • Fix: 100% CPU usage bug
  • Fix: fixed UDP-tracker crash when dns resolution would fail
  • Fix: rare crash in low level network read and write
  • Fix: Fix startup race condition between network and disk I/O thread
  • Fix: UDP Tracker retries three times instead of two
  • Fix: http seed fix for multifile torrents
  • Fix: Fixed negative allocation in RequestChunks() for web seeds
  • Fix: crash in UDP tracker support when tracker sends malformed responses
  • Fix: Integrity check .dat files after saving. Do not overwrite file.dat.old with a bad file.dat
  • Fix: uTP selective ack bug (would cause connections to stall and time out)
  • Fix: uTP fast re-send bug (would sometimes re-send packets that shouldn't be re-sent)
  • Fix: uTP recovers faster after timeout
  • Fix: http seeds would not reconnect after stopping and starting torrent
  • Fix: http seed for multifile torrents
  • Fix: uTP issue on low-latency high-throughput networks
  • Fix: Copying long filenames to clipboard no longer results in garbage or crash
  • Fix: Fixed web seed support for multi-file torrents
  • Fix: Handle multi file torrents with web seed urls that incorrectly don't end with a slash
  • Fix: Make sure web seed urls end with a slash for multifile torrents
  • Fix: uTP packet size fix. Sometimes it would send packets exceeding MTU. Fixes long standing rate oscillations.
  • Fix: Fixed crash when receiving a malformed PEX message
  • Fix: Crash when parsing some magnet uri components without values
  • Fix: DHT bootstrap failures now have an exponential back-off
  • Fix: uTP would not ramp up its rate fast enough
  • Fix: Invalid encoding of non-ascii urls in web seeds
  • Fix: uTP fix when receiving acks for old packets
  • Fix: uTP variable packet size bug

Changes in

  • Fix: Socket bug that caused upnp to hang and fail and hung shutdown.
  • Fix: Shutdown timeout.
  • Fix: Socket error that caused occasional 100% CPU on TCP sockets
  • Fix: Bad socket state on UDP socket timeout that randomly caused high CPU usage
  • Fix: Various TCP and uTP fixes and optimizations.
  • Fix: Optimization for uTP rate limiting.
  • Fix: uTP rate limiting bug.
  • Fix: Broken search.
  • Fix: Copyright notice.

Changes in

  • Fix: don't wait indefinitely for trackers and UPnP when shutting down
  • Change: Deleted files are now moved to the trash.
  • Fix: Socket bug that broke incoming connections.
  • Fix: 100% CPU utilization
  • Fix: deadlock on socket error.
  • Fix: uTP bug fixes and enhancements
  • Fix: .dat file memory leak
  • Fix: Integrity check .dat files after saving. Do not overwrite file.dat.old with a bad file.dat

Changes in 0.9.1

  • fix: speculative fix for crashes seen in crashdumps
  • added: Reordering of torrent priority in the queue.
  • fix: Problems when downloading selected files from a multi-file torrent.
  • fix: upgraded application core to the latest code base.

Changes in

  • fix: speculative fix for crashes seen in crashdumps

Changes in

  • fix: crash when selecting some .torrent files

Changes in

  • fix: double-clicking on .torrent file wouldn't open it if uTorrent wasn't already running
  • fix: the icon now properly shows in About box
  • fix: speculative fixes for some crashes from crashdumps

Changes in

  • fix 100% CPU usage when Peer Guardian is enabled
  • fix 'too many open files' error
  • fix some issues after setting a file to 'Don't download'

Changes in

  • fix Finder crash when uTorrent is default .torrent application and double-clicking .torrent file